Ramzan's Periodontal Elevator Set

Surgical and remedial dental procedures are increasingly being undertaken in the equine mouth under visual control in the standing sedated patient. Successful removal of deep alveolar root fragments and teeth with fragile dental crowns demands a range of elevators that can be used to access all areas of the mouth and can be placed with precision alongside dental tissue.

  • These elevators permit the clinician to break down periodontal attachments of both intact and fractured cheek teeth prior to the use of forceps during the extraction process.
  • The pistol grips allow them to be employed with some force to prise dental tissue free from the alveolar wall and insertion to a considerable depth within the socket facilitates complete extraction of teeth with even long reserve crowns
  • The choice of straight, angled and curved blades gives the oral surgeon flexibility to deal with teeth throughout the mouth. 


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Ramzan Equine Periodontal Elevators Set

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