Farrier Hoof Rasp Double-Sided Improved Jaws Sharp

  • Double-Sided Hoof Rasp. A very fine quality hoof rasp with improved serrations and grooves for a better hoof filing.
  • This file contains coarse grade grooves and serrated surfaces for multiple rasping works. Traditional style rasp with improved accurate edges more aggressive to remove substantial hoof.
  • Deep Grooves Long-lasting Rasp surfaces. Cuts predictably leaving an even surface finish.

Farrier Hoof Rasp with Improved Serrated Jaws
  • 14" rasp - this length is the rasping surface only, handle length is additional. 
  • Tried and test product with 3 different rasping grades (Fine, Medium and Coarse)
  • Multi-functional rasp that can be used on various species, horses, farm animals. Some users have used this as a carpenter rasp as well. 
  • Suitable for professional and non-professional use.
  • Tried and Tested by professionals - A must-have item for your tack room.

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Farrier Hoof Rasp Double Sided

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