Farrier Loop Knife Double Sided Extra Small and Medium Size

  • Extra Small and Medium Size - Double-sided loop knife. Our latest range of double-headed farrier knives.
  • Extra small Loop size 11mm. 
  • Medium Loop size 35mm.
  • Razor Edge sharpened loop for hassle-free hoof trimming.
  • Long ergonomic wooden handle for better control and the handle is long enough to avoid obstruction by the other loop, not in use.
  • High-quality J2 stainless steel for long-lasting blade sharpness. No risk of chipping OR blade fracturing.
  • Suitable for miniature ponies and large horses.
  • Double-sided farrier loop knife extra small and medium loop knife combination for multiple hoof trimming needs.
  • The medium loop is useful for most hoof trimming and finishing off tasks. Ideal for laminate and hoof wall resection. 
  • Extra small abscess loop for vets and farriers to use while digging out hoof abscesses.
  • Suitable for professional and non-professional use.
  • Riveted hard wooden ergonomic handle for better grip and easy to use.

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Loop Knife Double Sided SM

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