Surgical Scissors Left Handed

Mayo Scissors
Heavy straight scissors typically used to cut heavy fascia, sutures, prosthetic materials and performing dissection. The Mayo type scissors are general purpose surgical scissors in which the blade occupies approximately one third of the length of the scissor.

Metzenbum scissors
Metzenbaum scissors have a longer handle to blade ratios, they are more delicate and have a more slender midsection in comparison to Mayo scissors. These fine scissors are used for general sharp dissection and to cut delicate tissues. 

Gillies Scissor Needle Holders
A combination of delicate needle holder jaws and precise scissors blades make the Gillies Needle Holder a convenient and dependable instrument. These Needle Holders care available in Tungsten Carbide Coated Jaws for a longer life.


Code    Description
5667   Mayo Scissors Left Handed 15cm 6" 
5689   Metzenbaum Scissors Left Handed 15cm 6"


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Surgical Scissors Left Handed

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